Friday, May 31, 2013

Meat/mutt rabbits

I have a pair of "meat mutt" rabbits from a rabbitry down by the Brazos river that was selling off the rabbits.  They are Satin/California crosses, at least that is what I was told.  I might be selling them soon to concentrate on the pedigreed rabbits. They have been great rabbits to learn with.

This is Satin. She has a shiny coat and is a great mom/producer. She has had litters of 11,12,9 and 7 this past year and takes care of all her babies well. She can be a bit protective of the babies as well.

This is March (I got him in March) just for some pattern in my bunnies.  He is fairly gentle, but a bit lazy as well. He is the father of Satin's 7 babies.

Here are the seven babies. Four will look like Californian rabbits (they both have californian in their background) and two like March and one is white with grey spots. They are all doing well and will be weaned in June and give mom a break for the summer.

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