Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New American Blue bunnies

Here are a few new additions to the rabbitry. (Sorry for the picture quality.)
This is my new American Blue buck, he is 6 months old and unfortuantely he was next to another buck so he got sprayed on and that is why he has the rust patches. This means he won't be going to the show next week but hopefully I can get him cleaned up for the show in August.

This is my new black American Blue doe, she is young but her mom looked good and she was the only black one of the litter (the rest where white and blue).  She is a little timid but we will work on that. She will probably replace Satin.

Still working on grooming and getting ready for the Longview show in a 1 1/2 weeks. Yikes! Got to get the Cals cleaned up and Red brushed out and we should be ready to go.

Still trying to decide if I will take Slate with me. He was 4.25 lbs yesterday and he needs to be at least 4.5 to qualify for the junior category. I think splitting him from Belle and in his own cage will help.

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