Monday, June 17, 2013

Show time!

Well it was a successful trip as you can see in the picture above. There were two shows on Saturday (morning and afternoon.) Slate got Best of Breed in both shows, which means he was considered the best of all the American rabbits there (male and female.) In the second show Misty (my doe) got Best of Opposite Sex Breed. This goes to the best animal of the opposite sex of the Best of Breed. If a female got Best of Breed then the Best of Opposite Sex would go to a male. Just depends.
Red (my red New Zealand buck) got Best of Variety in the second show. This means he was the best of all the Red New Zealands. He didn't get much farther than that. (I am not sure if the Best of Breed went to a white, black or broken New Zealand.) The other two New Zealands didn't fare too well. I was expecting that from my white doe and the broken red doe is just really young and does not like to pose at all.
With my Californians, it was a mixed bag. 27 didn't do well at all with the junior bucks and Cotton was pretty much at the bottom but alot of that was because she was really a junior but too heavy for the class so that bumped her up to a class she really wasn't ready for.  T4 did well and place 2nd out of 9 in the afternoon show.
Overall it was a great experience for my first show and the rabbits were real troppers. Next show isn't until Labor Day so the biggest thing is to try to keep them cool and hopefully the American Blues will shed their baby coats and have some good fur come in. (Fingers crossed.)
On a side note, I did buy another American blue doe (right now her name is Bluebonnet).  And I should be getting a new buck sometime next month as well as a replacement for my broken agouti doe (was supposed to be broken black, just waiting for the litter to get old enough.)  And a replacement REW New Zealand for the one that didn't work out earlier this year. Meanwhile 3 babies left from the spring and two out in the tractor at 4.5 lbs each. Satin has been bred (will see if she takes) and I need to work on getting some more cages for the cool room to move her in and a couple of the bucks that I plan to breed/show early fall.

That is the report this week!

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